Farmers are not only tasked with producing goods to feed and clothe the world, but are also asked to be good stewards of the land they work. Hutchinson Farms implements a number of environmentally responsible production techniques that minimize long term impact on the soil, nearby water supplies, and the crops produced. Producing healthy crops and efficient yields while preserving the valuable natural resources that will sustain future generations of farming is a shared goal at Hutchinson Farms.


Cover Crops

• Provides and stores nutrients in the soil during the winter

• Keeps the soil temperature cooler, therefore retains more water in the summer.

• Supresses weeds

• Breaks pest cycles

• Increases organic matter

• Adds diversity to the cropping system




• Minimal soil disturbance leaving residue on the top layer to protect the soil and retain moisture

• Fewer field operations per season resulting in less fuel
consumption and greater efficiency



Drain Tiling

• This subsurface removes excess water from the soils surface and sends the water to retention ponds or natural waterways.

• The benefits of tiling include improved crop quality, reduced soil erosion, decreased fertilizer runoff, and more timely field operations which lead to better productivity and efficiency. 



Variable Rate Application

• Frequent soil samples to monitor and calibrate inputs

• Soil sample reports allow for targeted fertilizer applications insuring that acres are neither over applied nor under applied

• Seed is also applied in a variable rate manner according to the current crop, saving cost without sacrificing yield

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