Commercial Farming in Middle Tennessee

Hutchinson Farms is a multi-generational family-owned farm based in Middle Tennessee. Comprising over 3,000 combined acres, Hutchinson Farms manages two operations which are located in Rutherford County and Coffee County. The farm’s core crops include wheat, soybeans, corn and hay, but has also included various other crops in the past such as cotton and rapeseed.





Hutchinson Farms specializes in four main crop production areas: VIEW CROPS

Land Leasing and Partnerships

Middle Tennessee has grown substantially in the last 30 years which has resulted in the loss of prime farmland to development. During this time, Hutchinson Farms has been proactively buying, leasing and partnering with landowners in Rutherford County and Coffee County. From purchasing land to leasing land, Hutchinson Farms is an excellent partner with a strong track record of financial stability and high yields.


Hutchinson Farms can visit your property to evaluate the effective use of your land for commercial farming. If an agreement is reached, Hutchinson Farms may make an offer to purchase your property.


Hutchinson Farms currently leases land for the opportunity to farm and pays lease payments on the land. This option can be an excellent opportunity for both parties and allows you to continue to have ownership while receiving passive income.


Hutchinson Farms works with investors and landowners looking for an operational partner to farm land and to share in the business and profits of farming.

About The Hutchinson Family

The Hutchinson family is a fourth generation, family-owned commercial farm in Middle Tennessee.


Their time-tested knowledge of agriculture has been passed down from years of experience while continuing to learn new techniques and implement technological advancements in the agriculture industry.

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