Land Partnerships

The Hutchinson family found that farmland was disappearing in Rutherford County over 30 years ago. They strategically sought out new farmland to purchase, lease, or partner with local and out-of-state landowners and investors. Their long-term financial strength and viability have allowed them to create solutions for their business and for landowners in Middle Tennessee. Hutchinson Farms is always open to potential land deals and opportunities.



If you have land that you no longer farm, or have inherited land that you have chosen to sell, Hutchinson Farms would like to talk to you. Perhaps you would like to see your property continue to support agriculture after you sell and remain a viable resource to feed others. Hutchinson Farms can schedule a visit with you to evaluate your property’s best usage for commercial farming.



Hutchinson Farms currently leases land for the opportunity to farm and pays lease payments on the land. This option can be an excellent opportunity for both parties and allows you to continue to have ownership while receiving passive income. Additionally, this can qualify your land for greenbelt tax incentives. Hutchinson Farms offers flexible payment timing catered to each landowners request. If you have land that you would like to monetize, Hutchinson Farms would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of leasing your property.



Hutchinson Farms works with groups or individuals looking for an operational partner to collaborate in the business and profits of farming. Agreements are put in place on the amount of investment needed to raise and market a crop, as well as profit sharing to which each side is entitled after harvest.

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